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A Delegation of La Rioja, Argentina Visited HZU



On 20th, November, led by Ruben Eduardo, director of La Rioja Planning and

Industry Department of Argentina and Luis Agost, director of Regional Integration

and International Cooperation Department of Argentina, a group of nine

representatives visited HZU and were warmly received by President Peng Yong.

Accompanied by President Peng Yonghong, the director of International Affairs

Department and other staff of HZU, the delegation walked through the arch of

Fenghu Academy and climbed up Alum Mountain, from where the delegation

enjoyed the view of HZU campus. President Peng introduced the status quo of HZU

to the delegation, emphasizing that HZU is now facing two unprecedented

opportunities: Joint Construction and Transformation Development, and striving

for building HZU as a high level application-oriented university with distinguished

features of science and engineering subjects. He also introduced the delegation

recent achievements in education internationalization and university-enterprise

collaborative talent cultivation.


Subsequently, the delegation visited the Collaborative Innovation Center of School

of Information Science and Technology, and laboratories of School of Electronic

Information and Electrical Engineering. They listened carefully to the introduction

with regard to how the Collaborative Innovation Center operates and what

achievements have gained thus far. During their visit, they also talked with several

experts from National Technical University of Ukraine who were conducing

collaborative research with HZU counterparts, experiencing rich international

atmosphere at HZU. The delegation then had an in-depth discussion with President

Peng and other representatives of HZU.


Having finished visit and discussion, the delegation expressed their sincere gratitude

for considerate reception, showed high appreciation of HZU’s beautiful campus,

advanced teaching facilities and innovative talent cultivation ideas. They are willing

to connect universities in Argentina with HZU to promote cooperation programs

suchas students exchange, visiting scholars and collaborative research, meanwhile,

seeking possibilities of building more university-enterprise collaborative innovation


La Rioja Province’s coming to Huizhou this time not only responds to the call of

“Belt and Road” Initiative, but also promotes understanding and communication in

areas of economy, commerce and education. The delegation’s visit to HZU also

opensa new channel for the University’s internationalization.



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