School of Foreign Languages
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School of Foreign Languages offers three undergraduate study programs:

Business English



The School’s faculty is consist of 58 professional teachers, including 3 professors,

14 associate professors, and 7 doctors.

Major: Business English

Duration of Study: 4 Years

Core Courses:

Basic English

Integrated Business English

A Practical Course of English Pronunciation


Oral English

Business English Reading

Business English Writing

English Grammar Practice

Business English Interpretation

Business English Translation

English Literature Courses

Introduction to Linguistics

Introduction to European and American Culture

Practice of International Trade

Electronic Commerce

International Business Negotiation

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts

Major: English

Duration of Study: 4 Years

Core Courses:

Basic English

Advanced English



Oral English

Extensive Reading



English-Chinese Interpretation

English-Chinese Translation

Introduction to English Linguistics

Introduction to English Literature

English-Speaking Countries: A Survey

English Teaching Methodology

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts

Major: Japanese

Duration of Study: 4 Years

Core Courses:

Basic Japanese

Advanced Japanese

Basic English

Japanese Translation

Japanese Interpretation

Introduction to Japanese Literature

Introduction to Japanese Linguistics

Japanese Listening

Oral Japanese

Japanese Reading

Basic Japanese Writing

Academic Writing

Selected Readings of Japanese Literature

Japanese Bookkeeping

English Writing

Selected Readings of English and American Literature

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts



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